Presentations Log

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This is a list of the major presentations I've given

Bryan Presenting in Wiesbaden, Germany

date title event location
28-Apr-2003 Enabling Language Translation with XML Tools and
Content Management Strategies Conference 2003 Washington DC
1-Jun-2004 Open Standards for CMS, Translation, and
LISA Global Strategies Summit Managing Global Content
Foster City, CA
16-Nov-2004 IMPLEMENTING AN XLIFF-BASED PROCESS Localization World Conference San Francisco San Francisco, CA
4-Apr-2005 The Nuts and Bolts; how to use XLIFF, and other Open
Standards for XML Translation and Localization
OASIS Symposium on the Future of XML Vocabularies New Orleans, LA
26-Oct-2005 Frameworks for Translation Tasks Localization World Conference Seattle Seattle, WA
8-Nov-2006 Open Standards for Localization and Technical
tekcom Open Standards Day Germany, Wiesbaden, Germany Wiesbaden, Germany
17-Oct-2007 Improving Localization Process at Tektronix Using
XML and XLIFF: A Case Study
Localization World Conference Seattle Seattle, WA
27-Aug-2008 Translating SVG with XLIFF and Open Standards SVG Open 2008 Nuremberg Germany
23-Sep-2008 DITA to XLIFF and Back (Roundtrip) - Understanding
the Technical Solution
OASIS Webinar  
7-Nov-2008 XML Relay: How clients and suppliers interact with
one another in an XML environment
tcworld 2008 Wiesbaden, Germany
18-Nov-2008 DITA and XLIFF: Panel Presentation DITA Europe Conference 2008 Munich, Germany (remote)
2-Oct-2009 SVG Processing: Efficient Language Translation SVG Open 2009 Mountain View, CA
16-Nov-2009 DITA to XLIFF and Back: Understanding the technical
DITA Europe Conference 2009 Munich, Germany
10-Feb-2010 DITA to XLIFF and Back: Understanding the technical
Philadelphia XML Users Group Philadelphia, PA (remote)
19-Apr-2010 Translate DITA with XLIFF! But How? CMS? TMS? Tools?
CMS/DITA North America 2010 Santa Clara, CA
22-Sep-2010 Keynote: XLIFF International Symposium and DITA & XLIFF: A Perfect Marriage (with JoAnn Hackos and Rodolfo Raya) XLIFF International Symposium Limerick Ireland
8-Oct-2010 CMS Panel Localization World Conference Seattle Seattle, WA
18-Nov-2010 DITA 101 STC Willamette Chapter Beaverton, OR
20-Oct-2011 Applied XLIFF tcworld 2011 Wiesbaden, Germany
23-Apr-2012 Translating DITA with XLIFF and Open Standards: The basics CMS/DITA North America 2012 La Jolla, CA
12-Jun-2012 Encoding ITS 2.0 Metadata to Facilitate an XLIFF Roundtrip W3C Workshop: The Multilingual Web
Dublin, Ireland
16-17-Oct-2012 How to Put a Calendar Date on It?/Applied XLIFF 3rd Annual XLIFF Symposium Seattle, WA
12-13-Mar-2013 Making the Multilingual Web Work: When Open Standards Meet CMS W3C Workshop: Making the Multilingual Web Work, Rome 2013
Rome, Italy
11-12-Jun-2013 XLIFF Roundtrip Support In Content Management Systems 4th Annual XLIFF Symposium London, England
18-19-Nov-2013 XLIFF 2.0: Translating DITA Gets Better DITA Europe 2013 Munich, Germany
28-30-April-2014 XLIFF 2.0 for Turnkey DITA Translation DITA North America 2014 Seattle, Washington
3-4-June-2014 XLIFF 2.0: Demonstrating all modules 5th Annual XLIFF Symposium Dublin, Ireland